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There is nothing wrong with being a people pleaser, however, it shouldn’t mean you compromise your wellbeing and mindset. Together, we are going to change how you handle life’s scenarios without compromising yourself.

I’m Anne Clark. I never realised I was a people pleaser until a colleague and I were discussing life scenarios and she piped up and say ‘you do realise your a people pleaser‘. I was bewildered at first, but the more we talked about it the more I realised I was. You see for a long time, I couldn’t understand why people I cared about and had done so much for had suddenly dumped me.

I spent years analysis scenarios over and over again, trying to work out the moment I had done something wrong. The reality was I hadn’t done something wrong, however, when I became a mother and my focus changed to my little family’s needs, I was no longer serving ‘the people’ and so they dumped me.

When I explored more about what a people pleaser was, I realised I had all the trademarks of one. I didn’t want to feel the hurt I had experienced for so many years. I wanted to take back control. And so my journey began.

I’m here now to share my novice learning with you, in the hope you can make that transformational step, find your healthy boundaries and have the best of it all without compromising yourself.

It’s definitely doable. Oh and please, if you fall over. We simply get back up, dust ourselves and start again.


One reason you need a coach

When it comes to making the necessary changes you desire, it's not always easy to do it alone. Perhaps you are a person who says they're doing to do it, but realistically by day 3 you've gotten distracted and returned back to old habits. If it's change you desire, and...

Resistance to Change

You can often find yourself wanting change, wanting something new to occur, or a change of scenery. When change does comes many face resistances, the fear of the unknown. The worry it won’t work out or that they’ll end up going backwards in their journey. Change can...

Signs you are a people pleaser

A people pleaser doesn’t always see the signs that they are in fact that, a people pleaser. They are by nature want to be supportive, needed and valued. What they don’t realise is there is a fine boundary between being a healthy people pleaser to being one who’s used,...

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